Oil Spill Response

  • To control and remove oil spill at wet areas.
  • To remove oil spillage on dry areas.
  • Oil Spill Control

    • Blend of selected non-pathogenic microbes with non-toxic
    • Formulation of biological activators.
    • Digest hydrocarbon, oil and grease and organic molecule.
    • Neutral pH, non-toxic, non-volatile, non-flammable.
    • Clean spills, leaks on concrete pads and roadways.
    • Inert volatile vapors, “hotspots”.
    • Start cleanup on emergency spill quickly and effectively.
    • Reduce hazard and costs of cleanup in maintenance areas.
    • Application : Concrete pads, roadways around rail-yards, vehicles crossing, tank cleaning, onshore and offshore.


    • Apply 1:40 – 1:100 with dispenser and water for total surface coverage of spill.
    • Agitate for heavy stubborn hydrogen carbon build-up.
    • For best results, heat solution to 50 degC.
    • For spill of volatile nature requiring immediate attention, spray area with 1:4 solution.

  • Oil Biosorb

    • Natural absorbent for oil, liquid, chemical liquid, paint and ink.
    • Organic Pumice which can absorb all liquid dirt leaving no stain on the floor.
    • General purpose absorbent, absorbs water based fluids.
    • Prevent slipping hazards.
    • Reduce worker exposure on hazardous cleanups.
    • Biodegradable and incinerable.
    • Easily clean up hydrocarbon spill.
    • Light weight to handle.
    • Environmentally safe and cost effective.
    • Application : Workshop floor.


    • For general purpose absorbent, absorbs water based fluids.
    • Strewn around the vicinity of the spill.
    • Dosage depends on the amount of oil contamination.

  • Oil Absorbent

    • Designed for use in case of oil mixed water and need to remove the oil from water.
    • To remove oil from fat block clarifier, oil leak or spill in water.
    • Biodegradable and incinerable.
    • Light weight, easy to handle.
    • Environmentally safe and cost effective.
    • Application : Oil spill in ocean/river.


    • Pellet/Board : To use on unspecific dirt areas, for routine maintenance.
    • Sock/Boom    : To encircle under machine where there is always leaking, prevent fluids from spilling out into walkways or open drain.
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