• To treat wastewater system.
  • To improve existing wastewater treatment.
  • To start-up wastewater treatment.
  • Wastewater Treatment

    • Blend of non-pathogenic microbes and non-toxic biological activators.

    • Digest hydrocarbon, oil, grease and organic molecules.

    • Neutral pH, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and non-flammable.

    • Reduce BOD/COD/TSS in wastewater.

    • Reduce odor in wastewater facilities, lift stations, holding ponds and landfills.

    • Enhance efficiency of wastewater treatment.

    • Application : Wastewater facilities, ponds, lift stations, landfills, wastewater system in hospital, hotel, factories.



    • Clear out septic tank or consolidate tank at the start of treatment.

    • Apply KEEEN at selected pumping stations as far up the line from the treatment plant depending on load.

  • Max Blends

    • Concentrated blend.

    • Application : Start-up wastewater system.

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