• To clean sensitive surface area such as dish, utensil, equipment cleaning and hand.
  • Surface Cleaner Sensitivity

    • High sensitive cleaning for hygiene area, food production, cooking table, kitchen tools, etc.
    • Blend of environmentally preferred mild surfactant with the natural peroxide.
    • Rapidly clean grease, proteins, lipids, cellulose, carbohydrates in organic waste.
    • Eliminate slippery floors caused by grease build-up.
    • Enhance biodegradation above and below ground surface.
    • Ecologically sound and readily biodegradable.
    • Application :  Kitchens or household equipment, dish cleaning.


    • Mopping: 1:20. Allow to remain on surfaces for 30 seconds before mopping.
    • Auto Floor Scrubber: 1:20 and adjust after testing. Best results at 50 degC.
    • Degreasing: Dilution to adjust to application. Rags (stronger), Scrub Brush (Medium), Power Washer (Weak).
    • While cleaning heavy oil/grease deposit, allow to soak 1-2 minutes before removing.

  • Bio Wash Hand (Romance, Neutral, Anti-Bacteria & Eco Friendly Tough Duty)

    • Blend of essential oils and botanical extracts of fruits.
    • Formulated with natural, plant-derived cleaner to produce a rich, abundant lather that gently refreshes skin.
    • Non-toxic chemical, does not irritate skin.
    • Safe for the environment and readily biodegradable.
    • Application : Hand Wash.


    Apply one drop of KEEEN Bio Wash Hand with water or depending on requirement.